So, I hear you want to become a writer…

Are you crazy? Don’t you know that it can take years, even decades, to finish writing a book? Don’t you know that the average author doesn’t make a livable wage from their work? Don’t you know that by publishing a book, you’ll be exposing yourself to the judgement of everyone you know?

You don’t care? You still want to be a writer? Need to be one?

…Good. Me too. And I have something that might help.

See that that graphic to the right? Those are the six stages of Writing Drafts, my comprehensive creative writing program that breaks down the entire novel writing process; from idea in the head, to book on the shelf. It covers everything from author psychology, career planning, the technical ins and outs of crafting a polished draft, even peripheral subjects like marketing and brand building. It’s made to be malleable, digestible, and filled to the brim with actionable steps and concrete milestones. I truly believe there isn’t a single new author out there who won’t have something to learn from it.

I know, I know. Some of you read the words ‘comprehensive’, ‘planning’, and ‘marketing’ and are already leery. Fairly too; there are a lot of hack writers out there peddling how-to guides right now. Or maybe you just don’t like the idea of applying any type of system to your organic flow. That’s fair too. But finishing a book is really hard, and there are many aspects of publishing that don’t rely on creativity at all. So why not rely on the wisdom of other authors to help you reach your destination?

Oh. And as for this being a get-rich-quick scheme, just know that there’s nothing quick or profitable about Writing Drafts. Seriously. I outline this later but my expectation is that it will take a new writer somewhere between two and ten years to publish their first book. This is a guide meant for serious writers; if you’re looking to be sold a fantasy, look elsewhere.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t take a peek if you’re just curious, of course.

If Writing Drafts sounds useful to you, go ahead and click on the button below start the first step of the program, the Pre-Draft phase, which covers everything you need to know about writing before you type a single word onto the page including career expectations, medium selection, workstation setup, and more. If you’re want to move straight to the writing or simply want a sneak peek of what’s ahead, you can also skip ahead by clicking any of the links to other other stages the available above.

Get ready to take some notes. Because if you’re going to write, you might as well do it right.

Click to begin your Writing Drafts journey.